Monday, June 6, 2011

another big wreck

Just a drive carefully PSA as our fire dept responded to another semi wreck on I-80 with a fatality.
By: Jade Cunningham
Breaking news Sunday after I-80 westbound was closed due to a fatal accident involving two semi trucks.
The call first came into Wyoming Highway Patrol at 5:00pm reporting one semi truck had run into the back of another semi truck right around Mile Marker 350.
Law enforcement told CBS NewsChannel 5 the driver in the first semi was going slow because he was heading uphill.
A second semi was traveling at faster speeds and ended up rear-ending the first semi truck.
Upon impact, the second truck caught fire, unfortunately killing the 52-year-old male driver.
Neither of the drivers' names could be released, the condition of the first driver is also unknown at this time, but witnesses told CBS NewsChannel 5 they saw the first driver walking around the scene of the crash.

With traffic being pushed south due to flooding in MT, I hope that we do not see more of these terrible wrecks this summer.


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