Wednesday, February 2, 2011


I saw a sign at the feed store that chicks will be coming in soon. I don't think we need any new chicks this year, I got some replacements last spring. 

These two hens were the survivors from the previous bunch of 4, they are missing some toes but seem to get around just fine. The big white brahma hen is fearless and will go after the dogs, she also lays big double yolk eggs for us. 

Last year we got a barred rock, three silver laced wyandottes and a couple of araucanas as replacements

They all grew up just fine, only the lighter araucana grew up to be a rooster.

It is nice to have fresh eggs every day for cooking. Sometimes we get more eggs than we can handle and have extras for friends and neighbors.

A pullet egg, a normal egg and a double yolker

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