Friday, February 4, 2011

Lead ropes and reins

Along with making rope halters we also make high quality lead ropes, mecates and rope sport reins.

Some of our colors

We use a couple of different types of rope that lend themselves well to equine applications and offer a slightly different feel. Both the marine and arbor ropes we use have a test strength that usually exceeds 11,000 lbs, they are extremely durable and will last for years. 

Lead Ropes

We make popular marine rope leads that are  commonly 12' long with leather poppers on the end. These leads can be made in any length, other popular lengths are 15', 18', 20' and 25' long. 

We eliminate breakable hardware that causes an extra swivel point (more wiggle that makes signals to the horse less clear) in the rope by using an eye splice on one end. If a person really wants to have a snap on their lead ropes to use them with web halters, a snap can be added the same way that the spliced loop attaches to a rope halter. 

The 12' lines are usually long enough to tie around to make a "rope hackamore" so that a regular lead and halter can be used for riding. 

Our arbor lines are slightly lighter with a nice feel. They tie onto halters with a half hitch and will never get so tight that they are unable to be untied. They also should not wear out the halter loop as some ropes with snaps can over time. 

Sport Reins

Most people want sport reins that are longer than the standard 8' continuous roping or gaming reins. 

We frequently make 10' sport reins that attach with either scissor snaps and replaceable water loops, or those that tie onto slobber straps. Those reins that attach with slobber straps can be converted to a lead rope in a snap out on the trail. 

Another set of sport reins with water loops on one of our rope sidepulls

Mecate Reins

Mecate reins are typically 22' long and used with a bosal or a snaffle type bit with slobber straps. The mecate rein can also be untied and used as a longer lead line. 

The length of the mecate rein is easily adjusted to suit individual horses or it can be adjusted to work a horse from the ground in a snaffle bridle

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