Wednesday, January 5, 2011


It is breezy, and by breezy I mean we have a steady breeze around 25-30 mph and severe wind warning of gusts up to 60 mph. Not hurricane force, I think that starts at 74 mph (we get that sometimes too, is makes the windows flex). People on the Left coast would be shaking in their flip flops, the breeze rattles the house.
Our very favorite blowing snow on the roads

The first winter we were here we had two big blue stock tanks, I would guess they weight around 80 lbs each when they are empty.  I really liked my big blue stock tanks. We had one windy day that blew one of them about 1/4 mile over the fence onto a hill in the neighbor's pasture. Bringing it home was fairly easy since it levitated like a flying saucer in the breeze.

But then another windy day picked up one stock tank, with a few inches of ice in the bottom, and whisked it away never to be seen again. We hoped it would be caught somewhere in the neighboring elk fence, no luck. No neighbors had seen it and we were a little thankful that it wasn't lodged in someone's vehicle down the road.

Three years later we're talking to a neighbor who thought he saw the elusive blue tank in a draw somewhere in the area while riding. I haven't gone to explore the possibility but I'm always hopeful that it will reappear intact. Since then the wind has delivered another broken stock tank and 4-5 empty plastic mineral tubs from parts unknown.

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  1. The elusive stock water tank. I hope you find it but it sounds like the wind just keeps it moving to parts unknown. Great photos.