Monday, January 24, 2011


Here is a braided horsehair necklace that I just finished up. 

The hair for the round braid came from Jippo who is a younger grulla gelding that was a rescue. 

He started his life on a ranch in 3 Forks, MT and ended up in a local university research program. We don't know what kind of research he was involved in but when the project was finished he was discarded at the local low end auction with 8 of his companions. 

Jippo came over to visit with us in the holding pens prior to the sale and put his head on my shoulder. He was the lucky one, unfortunately all of his healthy young companions sold for meat. 

Even though he was not halter trained, he has willingly taken to anything asked of him. He has a great personality and is very light and soft to handle. 

We're not entirely sure of his mixed breeding but he shows some tennessee walker influence and is maturing into a large horse. We look forward to riding him soon.

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